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Mrs Dunfri Dam
Mrs Dunfri Dam

Mrs Dunfri Dam

2 900 kr
Tax included.
Mrs. Dunfri is a true Houdini classic. It has been used and loved by everything from mountain guides to accountants for many years. The combination of the minimalist look and the revolutionary functional materials make Mrs. Dunfri a real chameleon when it comes to uses.

Mrs Dunfri is made in Spinner Ribstop, a very light but durable fabric made from 100% recycled polyester. Primaloft Gold Eco is a synthetic lining made from 55% recycled polyester. The lining is basically as warm to its weight as down, but performs much better in humid conditions. Mrs Dunfri easily compresses into its own pocket and can be taken anywhere. The water-repellent membrane is completely fluorocarbon-free.

We use synthetic feed not only because of its functional benefits, but also because we don't believe in harming birds for our own comfort.

Take Mrs. Dunfri with you on all your adventures. Keep warm during the summit tour or climbing expedition, pack it when camping or simply use it on a chilly day on the way to work.