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Nomad PRO Quick Tension Tail Clip
Nomad PRO Quick Tension Tail Clip

Nomad PRO Quick Tension Tail Clip

1 250 kr
2 499 kr
Tax included.
Skin Nomad Pro With Quick Tension Black

The Nomad Pro is the ultimate high-performance splitboard skin for all types of snow. The combination of natural and synthetic fibers provides the perfect balance of glide, grip and durability. The fibers are coated with Ever Dry and Glide Tech to keep moisture away and glide at its peak throughout the life of the leather. Rubber Safer Skin also helps keep out moisture and makes the skin easier to pull apart. They come with two different tail mounts, a universal one that you cut yourself to the desired length and width and one with a quick mount that comes laser cut to the different Jones models from 16-forward. Group A:
Weight: 450 gr. ? 15.87 oz
W?s Solution 148,152,156 & Dream Catcher Split 145,148,151,154

Group B:
Weight: 460 gr. ? 16.23 oz
Fits: Carbon Solution 158,161 & Solution 154,158,161

Group C:
Weight: 470 gr. ? 16.58 oz
Fits: Hovercraft Split 152,156 & Ultracraft Split 152,156 & Mind Expander Split 154,158

Group D:
Weight: 490 gr. ? 17.28 oz
Fits: Carbon Solution 164 & Solution 164 & Aviator Split 156,160 & Explorer Split 152,156,159,162 & Mountain Twin Split 157,160,161w

Group E:
Weight: 510gr. ? 17.99 oz
Fits: Hovercraft Split 160 & Ultracraft Split 160

Group F:
Weight: 530gr. ? 18.70 oz
Fits: Carbon Solution 162w & Solution 162w,166 & Aviator Split 164

Group G:
Weight: 550gr. ? 19.40 oz
Fits: Carbon Solution 165w & Solution 159w,165w & Explorer Split 158w,161w,164w

Group H:
Weight: 570 gr. ? 20.11 oz
Fits: Solution 169w

Group I:
Weight: 510gr. ? 17.99 oz
Fits: Storm Chaser 147,152,157