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HTP Enduro 450 incl. Luxus rudder
HTP Enduro 450 incl. Luxus rudder

HTP Enduro 450 incl. Luxus rudder

20 250 kr
Tax included.

Background and development

Enduro 450 builds on the previous model Yukon Expedition , which has been used on many longer inland tours both in Sweden and internationally. It was a unique model that offered decent cargo space and was stable even in choppy conditions and yet comfortable to paddle longer distances with. Enduro 450 is thus an updated and improved version of Yukon Expedition , with clear rocker, it is fast turning and easy to maneuver.

Areas of use

The Enduro has about the same load capacity as the Yukon Expedition, but is faster and more suitable for archipelago environments. It even works well for surfing as long as the waves are not too big. It also does well on b locked inland trips as well as multi-day trips along the coast, or flowing rapids up to class II.

Over the years, the Enduro 450 has been very popular in Norrland, for example, where many people use it to explore the long rivers and lake systems, such as the Kaitumälven with rapids up to class II (Easy rapids with easy navigation).

Storage space

The large storage space gives you a lot of space for comfort and/or a lot of camping supplies and equipment. The volume also makes it a very forgiving kayak in turbulent water.


The hull is also designed to not only swing easily from obstacles, but the HTP plastic is very strong and robust and can take significant abuse, which also makes it easy to pull up on land and even around larger rapids or a power station for example. 5 year warranty included on the hull!

For who?

Size-wise, it fits medium to large paddlers in many conditions.

If you are a tall person there is also plenty of legroom and length, but it can also be used by medium-sized paddlers. The large cockpit of 94 cm length also makes it easy to get in and out.

The Enduro 450 is recommended for people weighing from 70 to over 115 kg.

Comfort and contact

The padded backrest and adjustable 3D knee supports do Enduro 450 to a comfortable kayak for long days on the water. The Touring seating system offers comfortable padding in both the backrest and the adjustable seat.


  • 3D Touring thigh support (adjustable in three dimensions)
  • Sliding foot support (individually adjustable)
  • Two watertight compartments with PE hatches
  • Elastic rope behind & in front of the cockpit (e.g. for bilge pump)
  • Sunroof within reach in front of tan
  • Burglar for wire

27 kg

Weight of the paddler

70-115 kg


380 liters


Blue, Yellow, Red


62 cm


453 cm

Load capacity

130 kg


HTP (Blow Modulated Plastic)

Cockpit length x width

94 x 51 cm

Chapel size Hiko


Chapel size Prijon

4 (94cm)

Rudder / spade


Type of paddling

River, Expedition, Rapids up to class II, Lake, Recreation, Tours, Rentals

Can only be picked up in store!