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Falketind aero60 Hood
Falketind aero60 Hood

Falketind aero60 Hood

1 900 kr
Tax included.
Indigo Night

"Our most breathable and lightweight windbreaker with water repellency."

This is a packable windbreaker for light mountaineering that also works great for other medium to high intensity activities, from trail running to ski touring. We use our windproof aero60 material because it provides a perfect balance between ventilation and windproofness, as well as long durability and light weight. The lightweight, recycled ripstop nylon has a slightly open construction and an air permeability of approximately 60 mbar/l/m²/s for good moisture and vapor permeability during aerobic activity. Key features include an adjustable hood that can be folded away when not in use, mesh under the arms for extra ventilation, a chest pocket with a mobile phone pocket that the jacket can be packed into, elastic hem, elastic cuffs and a special button on the front that keeps the jacket half closed and in place when the front zipper is fully open. It has a slim fit with pre-bent arms for good mobility.


  • 6/6 Top tour
  • 6/6 Alpine rock climbing
  • 6/6 Active hiking
  • 6/6 General outdoor use
  • 5/6 Mountain biking
  • 5/6 Cross-country running


  • 4/6 Wind density
  • 2/6 Water tightness
  • 1/6 Insulation
  • 6/6 Breathability
  • 3/6 Wear resistance
  • 6/6 Light weight
  • 2/6 Stretch