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Firestick Stove
Firestick Stove

Firestick Stove

899 kr
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The Firestick Stove is the result of extensive research and product development. With a completely unique design, created to challenge prevailing perceptions of how a compact top-mounted kitchen should be constructed. Firestick Stove sets a new standard for compact outdoor kitchens. When folded, the kitchen is cylinder-shaped to fit in, for example, the top lid or the side compartment of the rucksack. The design of the stainless pot supports protects the kitchen flame from wind in the unfolded position. The burner is designed to give the flame wind protection. The kitchen is also equipped with Primus' latest regulated valve that adjusts the gas flow and checks that the effect is kept at an optimal level at different temperatures. It also has the new Piezo igniter that easily lights the kitchen regardless of the weather conditions. Comes with a tailored storage bag made of wool that can also be used as a pot mitt.

- Power : 25 00 W
- Estimated capacity: 1-2 people
- Igniter : manual
- Boiling time for 1 litre : 3.5 min
- Dimensions: 114x91x36 mm

98 grams