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Heat Vest 1.0 Unisex
Heat Vest 1.0 Unisex

Heat Vest 1.0 Unisex

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LENZ Heat Vest 1.0 Unisex

This is the vest only, battery pack sold separately. The same battery pack works for the vest, socks and gloves. Warms the stomach and back muscles during outdoor activities. The vest is used by everything from skiers and hunters to professionals who work outdoors in winter.

Heat Vest 1.0 warms the back and the areas around the kidneys. In this way, it stimulates blood circulation and counteracts stiff muscles and stretching, even in extreme cold. The vest is preferably worn close to the body, for the best effect directly on the outside of the underwear. Made in breathable, moisture-wicking and quick-drying 4-way stretch with elastic seams for unrestricted movement. Extremely thin, and therefore fits under all types of outerwear without being noticed. Available in 7 sizes S-4XL where S is a 46, M is a 48 etc.

A functional mid layer that can prevent stretching and other injuries during outdoor activities in cold weather and is great for keeping warm in extreme cold. Machine washable at 30 degrees. This is a vest with integrated heating elements powered by rechargeable batteries that are attached with snaps on the inside of the vest on the right and left sides.

The Lenz battery pack can adjust the heat both manually and via bluetooth in a mobile app. The mobile function is super practical as you don't have to open up your jacket and functional clothing to adjust the heat level when you're out in the cold. Instead, you do this easily and smoothly from the app on your mobile phone, where you can also see how much charge you have left in the batteries. There are three heating modes and with Batteripack rcB 1200 keeps the vest warm for up to 7.5 hours and more Battery pack rcB 1800 keeps the heat for up to 11 hours.