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Neoprene boot Herkules is a heat-insulating waterproof boot with a 5 mm thick neoprene lining for optimal heat transfer for the entire foot and lower leg.
Neoprene has unique heat-insulating properties that insulate against the cold and contribute to maintaining warmth around the foot in temperatures down to several degrees below zero.

Herkules has a full foot part made of natural rubber, the foot part is as waterproof as a rubber boot and has reinforcements over the heel to effectively contribute to a firmer and more stable neoprene boot with unlimited possibilities of use.

The outer sole in Herkules is made of durable rubber with an excellent pattern for good grip and control even in wet weather. Herkules has a normal last, which means that the rubber shoe is well fixed on the foot and in combination with the low weight, Herkules is the perfect mid-weather boot that works just as well for preschool staff outdoors as for use in the stable or in the woods and fields.

The outside of the boot shaft is made of soft, flexible neoprene, which provides a completely unique experience when used. Lined inside with Polarfleece for extra comfort, which also helps with moisture evaporation. An ordinary rubber boot often has less compliance around the ankle and lower leg, which can affect the feel during more extensive hiking or use for longer periods. Hercules' boot shaft is as flexible as a pair of trousers and enables a completely normal load pattern despite the boot shaft's height of 41 cm.
The boot shaft can be easily folded down if needed.

The foot part is equipped with a strong kick-off that facilitates removal of the boot, without the need for hands. The kick-off in combination with the soft boot shaft makes Herkules an extremely easy-to-use neoprene boot for spring, summer and autumn.