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Rent; Sauna tent
Rent; Sauna tent
Rent; Sauna tent
Rent; Sauna tent
Rent; Sauna tent
Rent; Sauna tent
Rent; Sauna tent
Rent; Sauna tent
Rent; Sauna tent
Rent; Sauna tent
Rent; Sauna tent
Rent; Sauna tent
Rent; Sauna tent
Rent; Sauna tent

Rent; Sauna tent

900 kr
Tax included.

Now you can rent sauna tents from us. Book a day you want to collect the tent and the day you want to return it. On the day the booking starts, you pick up the tent at the store at Storgatan 26 in Luleå, if you book a day for example 14-15, you return the tent on the 15th at approximately the same time you picked it up. One day's rent is therefore 24 hours. All days after that will be 25% cheaper.

Note. benches are not included, loan of folding chairs is available.

Sauna tent and fireplace

Sauna tents give you the opportunity to enjoy a really hot sauna wherever you are. With the market's most insulated tent and the wood-burning stove, you will reach temperatures above 90 degrees.

What is included?

  • Sauna tent
  • Stove
  • Zinc
  • Removable floor
  • Fireproof carpet for stove
  • Heat resistant gloves
  • 10 kg of sauna steam

The tent's insulating three-layer fabric (Oxford fabric 300 denier) is optimized to cope with really high temperatures. The tent has three windows (TPU glass) which also make it possible to enjoy the view. The sauna tent is also waterproof and fireproof.

The wood-burning stove is made of stainless steel and has a total weight of 21 kg. The five parts that make up the chimney are stored in the fireplace during transport. Underneath the stove, you simply fold out the four legs on which the stove stands during firing.

How do I set up the sauna tent?

Thanks to its pop-up function, the tent can be set up in less than two minutes by pulling out the tent's five sides with a powerful pull. When the tent is set up, the tent is stabilized by means of four pins in each corner and four ropes with associated pins for each wall.

When the tent is stabilized, carry the stove in and assemble the five parts of the chimney. When the stove is standing firmly on the base, you can start burning. After 10-15 minutes, you can enjoy your sauna, when and where you want.

When you have finished basting

Smother the fire through the stove's air vent at the door to the fireplace and the chimney's air vent. Then remove the stones, let the stones and stove cool down, assemble and place the parts for the chimney in the fireplace and pack the stove into the bag. It is important that the stove and stones cool down before dismantling the stove starts.

When the stove is unpacked, you first put on the window guards for the tent, pull out all 8 pins that have stabilized the tent, push in the five sides of the tent and pack the tent in the bag.


The tent

  • Three-layer fabric that is fire and water resistant
  • Oxford 300D - Cotton insulation - Oxford 300
  • Window consists of TPU glass
  • The frame consists of carbon fiber glass with metal fasteners
  • 8 sprints
  • 4 pieces of rope
  • The tent can accommodate up to 4-6 people


  • Made of stainless steel
  • Removable chimney
  • Collapsible legs under the stove
  • Space for stones on top of the stove
  • Heat shields on both long sides

Weights and Measures


  • Unfolded - 180x180x195 cm.
  • Folded - 135X20X20 cm
  • Weight 17 kg


  • With heat shield 48x25x66cm
  • Extendable legs 15 cm
  • Chimney 6 parts. 9 cm diameter
  • Weight 21 kg

NOTE. we do not send the rental tent, it can only be picked up in store at Storgatan 26 in Luleå!