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Kaa 2,000 Wide Lamp
Kaa 2,000 Wide Lamp

Kaa 2,000 Wide Lamp

3 350 kr
Tax included.
The LEDX Kaa 2,000 Wide Kit + Lamp holder + Small battery is the perfect headlamp for sports that require minimal weight and helmet adaptation. With an impressive brightness and wide light pattern, it is a powerhouse in a compact format. Its unique design integrates the electronics into the lamp holder and has large heat sinks to efficiently dissipate heat. The dynamic temperature control keeps the lamp at the optimum temperature for best performance.

The lamp comes with a small battery and fast charger for long-term use. It has up to five different power modes, which gives a battery life of up to 25 hours. The wide light pattern and glare-free light provide a pleasant and contrast-rich experience. The lamp can be easily mounted on helmets or other places with the supplied lamp holder.

The Ledx Kaa 2,000 Wide Kit includes the lamp, a small battery, quick charger, lamp holder for helmet and a padded bag for easy storage and transport. Upgrade your equipment with this powerful and flexible headlamp from LEDX.