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Keith 3-Piece Folding Cutlery
Keith 3-Piece Folding Cutlery

Keith 3-Piece Folding Cutlery

250 kr
Tax included.
The Keith 3-piece collapsible cutlery set offers everything needed for a well-arranged outdoor dinner. Thanks to the foldable handles, the set can be easily stored in a small daypack or trouser pocket.

The 3-piece collapsible cutlery set is mostly made of ultra-light, high-quality titanium, while the handle is made of robust stainless steel wire with clamp. In this way, the manufacturer manages to offer the ultra-light cutlery set at an outstanding price and at the same time guarantee high stability.

In conclusion, with the Keith 3-Piece Folding Cutlery Set you have everything you need for camping, picnics or hiking trips, and you can easily clean everything in the dishwasher when you get back home.

Titanium | Handle: Stainless steel wire
50 g (weighed)
Fork | Knife | Spoon