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Lens Uv 2.0
Lens Uv 2.0

Lens Uv 2.0

399 kr
Tax included.

UV lenses Unbreakable polycarbonate lenses with hydrophobic, water-repellent and anti-fog treatment according to CE EN166 standard. With different colors you can choose which filter you want to see the world through. Colored lenses also help improve contrast, which in turn can be useful when performing your activity. The lenses are approved according to CE requirements and provide full protection against harmful UV radiation.
• UV lens in shatterproof polycarbonate

• The lens has an anti-fog inside

• Hydrophobic water-repellent and EP-protected exterior

• Provides 100% UV protection

• Lenses with a yellow tint provide extra sharpness and contrast to your field of vision in outdoor or indoor environments. Yellow tinted lenses are an excellent choice for cycling, skiing, photography and even for e-sports. Light transmission 75% - category