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Mamba 4,000 X-pand Lamp
Mamba 4,000 X-pand Lamp

Mamba 4,000 X-pand Lamp

4 245 kr
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LEDX Lights Mamba 4000 X-Pand LX-Contact is an extremely powerful and bright lamp that provides an impressive amount of light thanks to highly efficient electronics, 4 LEDs and a large cooling surface. The lamp is packaged in a compact and durable aluminum lamp housing for increased durability.

The divided design of the lamp housing and electronics provides a light and well-balanced lamp with the center of gravity close to the forehead for the best comfort during use. LEDX Lights lamps in the X-pand generation deliver an almost complete light image, thanks to a carefully selected lens design together with an in-house developed reflector in highly reflective material. The light fills the user's entire field of vision, both vertically and laterally, as well as in depth.

The lamp has three different power modes when delivered; 10, 40 and 100%. In addition, it can be programmed with three additional modes of 3, 20 and 80%, as well as a special Enduro mode for constant 100% power. Safety temperature monitoring and automatic regulation of the power output in small steps prevent overheating.

It also has the option of connecting to Enduro MX and snowmobiles, or other external 12 V DC power source, along with the LEDX Lights protective cables.

The lamp is delivered in a padded bag with various compartments for practical storage.

Product information:
Brightness: 4000 lumens
Burning time, 106 Wh battery: 2 h 30 min / 125h
Battery type: Li-ion
Energy amount: 106 Wh
Capacity: 9.8 Ah
Voltage: 10.8V
Cable length: 60 cm
LED: 4 pcs cree
Size lamp housing: 109x39x29mm
Battery size: 19x70x164mm
Weight lamp: 123 grams
Battery weight: 590 grams
Water resistance: IP64
Warranty: 3 years

The package includes:
Mamba 4000 X-Pand LX-Contact lamp
Head position
Li-ion battery 9.8 Ah / 10.8 V
USB charging cable