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Moonwalk Shorts Women
Moonwalk Shorts Women

Moonwalk Shorts Women

1 000 kr
Tax included.
True Black
What is special about them? Houdini has been making functional thermal garments since the company was founded in 1993. We know the difference 'point insulating' garments can make and the Moonwalk Shorts are a perfect example. A pair of lined shorts might not be the first thing you think of when packing for a winter adventure, but once you have them, you won't know how you got by without them. The Women's Moonwalk Shorts are an upgraded version of our popular Moonwalk Shorties, now with fully circular materials and a better fit for wearing over tights or long briefs. How do they work? Moonwalk Shorts for women are made of Polartec® Power Air™ Light which is a durable, stretchy and warming fleece fabric. The special construction with small air bubbles prevents microfibers from detaching from the garment and reduces shedding by 80% compared to conventional fleece. The garment has warming panels lined with PrimaLoft® Gold Active+, a light and warm synthetic lining made from 55% recycled fibers. The combination provides a light, stretchy and very comfortable garment that warms well on cold days. When should I use them? The Women's Moonwalk Shorts are the perfect layering piece paired with a pair of base tights under ski pants when the temperatures drop. You can also wear them over a pair of running tights for winter running. We recommend the Moonwalk Shorts to anyone who needs a little extra warmth (quite a lot of warmth actually) during any winter adventure. This garment is recyclable and we ask that you please return it to Houdini when it is completely worn out. In this way, we can take care of the raw materials and make sure that nothing goes to waste. Recycling boxes are available at all Houdini stores and at many retailers.
  • Lined with PrimaLoft® Gold Active+ 40g
  • Made Polartec® Power Air™ Light
  • Releases 80% less microfibres compared to regular fleece
  • Stretch panels for freedom of movement
  • Made from mainly recycled materials
  • Completely recyclable
  • Weight medium lady: 168 g
  • Fabrics made in the USA and Taiwan
  • Lining made in China
  • Garment produced in Latvia