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Gränsfors Mill Oil
Gränsfors Mill Oil

Gränsfors Mill Oil

150 kr
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Gränsfors Oil is an environmentally friendly and completely non-toxic oil manufactured in Sweden. The oil consists of 100 percent unsaturated fatty acids from linseed oil. When the oil dries, it turns into linoxin and forms a protective film. We recommend that you treat the ax handle with the oil once a year to extend the life of the handle. Gränsfors Oil is also developed to be used as rust protection for the ax head. Sometimes you can experience that there is a film or a skin on the ax head when the oil has dried. This is just excess oil that you can wipe off. The ax head is still protected against rust even if you wipe it with a cloth. At normal room temperature and good ventilation, the oil usually dries within a day. WARNING : Risk of spontaneous combustion! Rags and porous material moistened with linseed oil must be burned, dried in an open, non-flammable place or stored soaked in water before being thrown away.