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Patrol E1 22 Kit Ap SL (Short Length)
Patrol E1 22 Kit Ap SL (Short Length)

Patrol E1 22 Kit Ap SL (Short Length)

11 500 kr
Tax included.
Black/Burnt Orange
The Scott Pack Patrol E1 22 Kit SL is the smaller version of Scott's flagship Patrol E1 AP30 electronic avalanche backpack family. With a smaller volume but with the same functions as 30 liters, this pack is perfect for fast ascents or heli-skiing. The backpack has straps where you can carry the skis on the front or on the sides, there is also the option of attaching poles or an ice axe. ALPRIDE E1 SYSTEM
  • Increase your safety with the all-new Alpride E1, a fully electronic avalanche airbag system that pushes the limits. Its super capacity technology, together with exceptional design results provide one of the lightest electronic airbag systems on the market to date
  • Supercapacitor technology = cold temperatures do not affect supercapacitor performance or charging.
  • Turbo radial fan = more power and volume in less time
  • 1280g full system weight = 720g lighter than any other electronic system on the market
  • Mechanical release and deflation release = no electronic failure possible
  • No cartridges / no li-ion battery = no restrictions on travel and shipping
  • 2x AA batteries = charged on the mountain without power supply
  • Volume: 22 liters