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Pocket Shows
Pocket Shows

Pocket Shows

400 kr
Tax included.
Pocket Shows
- shower wherever you want -

After a long, beautiful day filled with stress, the longing for a nice shower can be great. With the Pocket shower in your luggage, just go to the nearest watercourse, fill the waterproof sack and hang it in the nearest tree. The contents are enough for about 7 minutes of comfortable showering.

If you leave the Pocket shower hanging in the sun, the black fabric absorbs heat and raises the temperature of the water. If you are in a hurry, you can fill the bag with cold water and then pour heated/boiling water in the middle before closing the bag by rolling up the opening.

The Pocket Shower is made from the same waterproof fabric as the Sea to Summit Dry Sacks and also has the same rolling closure mechanism. When emptied, the Pocket shower therefore also functions as an extra pack sack. - Super compact and light: packed in a bag measuring 7.6 x 15 cm and weighing only 120 grams
-Moulded shower rail with gradation
-Effective knob for easy adjustment of the water flow, as well as on and off
-Six meters of lightweight rope for hanging
-Non-absorbent material -Holds 10 liters of water