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Power Gas 230g
Power Gas 230g

Power Gas 230g

60 kr
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"Power Gas is our best selling gas and is a mixture of propane and isobutane." A good all-round gas that is perfect to use as a starting point when cooking outdoors. Power Gas works best during the three hottest seasons of the year, but even when the temperature drops below zero, the gas provides sufficient pressure for your kitchen. Its versatility therefore makes it suitable for the vast majority of adventures, even where weather and temperature conditions are uncertain and variable.


Summer Gas is a mixture of propane and butane and is optimized for summer conditions with temperatures between 15°C-40°C. At really hot temperatures, other gas mixtures can be too powerful, which means reduced efficiency and increased fuel consumption. With this gas mixture, you avoid the risk of this.


Like Power Gas, Winter Gas is a mixture of propane and isobutane, which thanks to our VaporMesh innovation works effectively down to -22°C. Winter Gas is therefore the excellent choice if you are going out during the coldest months of the year or up at altitudes where the temperature is lower. If you are going out in temperatures lower than -22°C and cooking, boiling water or melting snow, we recommend a multi-fuel stove instead.