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S/Max Carbon Skate + SH-IN BDG
S/Max Carbon Skate + SH-IN BDG

S/Max Carbon Skate + SH-IN BDG

5 500 kr
Tax included.

Are you in search of the ultimate cross-country ski package to take your skills to new heights? Look no further than the Salomon S/Max Carbon Skate Cross-Country skis! Designed for speed, these skis feature a D-Carbon core, Salomon's lightest core construction in the S/Lab line. The ultra-light foam core, combined with a fiberglass laminate, ensures efficient energy transmission and effortless kick, resulting in top-notch performance in skate skiing.

With a slightly softer flex, the S/Max Carbon skis are perfect for recreational skate skiers looking to enhance their technical abilities. The lightweight construction provides a minimalist feel, granting extra energy and responsiveness, especially when accelerating. The 44/34/44 sidecut delivers more power with each stride, giving you maximum control and efficiency on the snow.

The thin ply carbon material used throughout the ski enhances torsional rigidity, resulting in a robust ski without unnecessary weight. The low riding responsive camber construction guarantees quick acceleration and seamless power transfer, regardless of the terrain conditions. To top it off, the S/Max skis come equipped with Prolink Shift-in Skate bindings for a seamless and comfortable fit.

Get ready to elevate your skate skiing game with the Salomon S/Max Carbon Skate Cross-Country skis. Unleash your full potential and experience the thrill of speed and precision on the trails!