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Sail Larv Axent
Sail Larv Axent

Sail Larv Axent

290 kr
580 kr
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Axent is a slightly longer life jacket with split life jackets at the front, which makes the life jacket comfortable to use. One outside pocket with zipper. Zipper in the front and waistband with quick release buckle. Grommets and whistle as options. Available in several different colors. 50N carrying capacity and is classified there as a flotation aid. The life jackets that have a carrying capacity of 50 Newtons, sometimes called life jackets, have a somewhat simpler design than life jackets. A 50N life jacket keeps you afloat by a good margin but lacks a collar to support the head. It has buoyancy more evenly distributed between front and back and therefore does not guarantee turning an unconscious person into the supine position. The 50N life jacket is therefore recommended for people who can swim and weigh at least 25kg.