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TS8 Black, -4°C/+4°C
TS8 Black, -4°C/+4°C

TS8 Black, -4°C/+4°C

549 kr
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This year, Swix is ​​launching a completely new fluoride-free glide range, Pro by Swix. For many years, Swix has tested fluorine-free products with environmentally friendly raw materials and the range you find below has resulted. PS, based on Swix's previous CH range. HS and TS are newly developed fluorine-free dykes with different compositions of fluorine-free additives.

Fluorine-free competition paraffin that works well in wet and dirty snow but also gives you a good result when it is cold and hard snow.

TSB5 -10/-18

TSB6 -6/-12

TSB7 -2/-8

TSB8 -4/+4

TSB10 0/+10