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Venture Vest Men's
Venture Vest Men's
Venture Vest Men's
Venture Vest Men's
Venture Vest Men's
Venture Vest Men's

Venture Vest Men's

490 kr
700 kr
Tax included.
True Black

Do more with less. That's the idea behind the Venture Vest. The versatile vest is lined with Primaloft® Gold Active+, which makes it perfect when you want a little extra warmth for activities all year round.

Houdini believes that the more unnecessary details are removed from a garment, the more you can make more of it. The minimalist design makes the Venture Vest extremely versatile. It works at least as well on the climbing trip, as under the winter jacket when the temperatures drop, as during the run on a late autumn evening. By owning fewer garments with more purposes, you also do the environment a great service.

The Venture Vest is lined with Primaloft® Gold Active+, a high-quality synthetic lining. It is very warm for its weight and takes up little space in any pack. There are two reasons why Houdini uses synthetic padding and not down. First, they don't want to risk any birds being mistreated. Second, Primaloft performs extremely well, even when it gets wet, and also dries quickly. The outermost layer of the vest is called C9 Ripstop and is one of our favorite fabrics. It is made of recycled polyester, breathes extremely well and provides lighter wind and water protection.

We can recommend the Venture Vest to those who want versatile insulation with high breathability. Use it for hiking, skiing, running or just about anything. A perfect garment for all seasons of the year.
This product is recyclable and we ask that you return it to houdini when it is completely worn out. Houdini has recycling stations in all its own stores.

Materials and technology:
Outer fabric: C9 Ripstop™
Ultralight and durable woven material with fantastic breathability and comfort against the skin.

Origin: Japan
70% Eco Circle® recycled polyester, 30% polyester
Bluesign® certified
Weight: 65 g/m2
Excellent air permeability
Soft comfort close to the skin
Soft and quiet
DWR finish - PFOA free
Lining: PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation Active +
A highly water-repellent, durable and quick-drying alternative to down. Exceptionally good warmth-to-weight ratio.

Origin: China
55% recycled polyester, 45% polyester
Weight: 40 g/m2
Bluesign® certified
Excellent warmth to weight ratio
Soft and compressible
water repellent
Migration resistant
DWR finish - Fluorocarbon free