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Wooler Houdi
Wooler Houdi

Wooler Houdi

250 kr
Tax included.
True Black

The fabric is called Wooler Grimerino and has a technical quality and precision that we rarely see in pure merino wool. Houdini's design team could hardly believe their eyes when they found the fabric. It is produced by Reda in northern Italy and the wool is a super fine ZQ certified wool from New Zealand. To ensure that the working conditions are good and the animals are treated well, Reda owns the entire production chain and can thus have a full overview of all parts of the production.

The fit is based on Houdini's iconic Power Houdi, with a high collar, hood and two side pockets. The grid pattern in the fabric allows air to flow freely and builds up a layer of warmth. This means that the shirt will be warmer when you wear it as an intermediate layer and that it breathes better when you wear it without anything on top. The pure wool fabric makes the product completely circular: both renewable and biodegradable.

The Wooler Houdi is a good choice if you are looking for a versatile mid layer that you can use all year round for most activities. It is also a good choice if you want an alternative to the classic fleece sweater, but in natural materials.

When your Wooler Houdi is completely worn out, please return it to us for recycling. We have recycling stations in all our stores and at many of our retailers.