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Emerge Mips
Emerge Mips

Emerge Mips

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Mat Black/Olive
The new Emerge Mips Spherical is developed for those practitioners who place the highest demands on safety and function. Skilled park and free skaters have already realized that the price you pay to develop to the maximum is repeated slams. Spherical Mips is a further development of the existing Mips version and involves a unique solution: two shells of Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) offer high shock absorption capacity from both small and large crashes. The inner shell moves spherically inside the outer shell and offers increased relative range of motion, which counteracts rotational violence against the brain. The result is a super comfortable fit with effective shock absorption and an impact-resistant outer shell. Emerge also offers a low profile and seamless fit between helmet and goggles. With the Strap Channel recess in the rear edge on the inside of the helmet, space is freed up for the plastic buckles on the goggles, with reduced pressure on the head as a result. Ventilating openings ensure cooling of the skier, of which Stack Ventilation transports excess heat away from the forehead so the goggles are kept fog-free. Removable ear pads and compatibility with audio systems from Outdoor Tech. Stash Fit system enables fine adjustment by changing the thickness of the included foam bananas. Sizes S, M and L, Unisex design.

MIPS® - Multi-directional Impact Protection System
The helmet has integrated MIPS that protects the brain against the rotation that occurs in a crash. The rotational violence against the brain can cause the most serious brain injuries. With MIPS, the outer part and inner part can slide relative to each other, reducing rotation and preventing injuries to the head and brain. Tests and studies show that MIPS significantly reduces the force and reduces the risk of a serious brain injury (the helmet usually has to be replaced after an external impact, such as a bicycle accident).