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Haga Vibram
Haga Vibram

Haga Vibram

1 499 kr
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First-class rubber boot made in Europe with Vibram sole.

Gummistovel Haga is a first-class soft rubber boot, made entirely of natural rubber with an extremely wide range of uses. The boot is just as suitable for hunting and fishing as it is for hiking in the woods and fields.

Haga combines extreme compliance with an extra stable and torsionally rigid sole, which makes the boot an obvious choice for more demanding use and load, which provides a function that works optimally for walking long distances on both uneven ground in forest and land, such as use in urban environment.

Haga's unique construction of soft and flexible natural rubber gives minimal feeling of the boot over the foot and lower leg during use and load. The boot shaft is anatomically shaped with a narrower waist around the lower part of the lower leg. The anatomical shape of the boot shaft provides extra good fit and comfort even for users with more muscular calves and lower legs.

The Haga boot is made with an extra deep bellows on the outside of the boot shaft. The deep bellow allows for individual customization of the legroom and can be easily adjusted using the adjustable buckle on the outside of the boot. The buckle is designed for extremely easy adjustment with the help of a one-handed grip. The buckle also has a grip-friendly finish that facilitates the adjustment of the boot's shaft measurement with gloves on.

Haga is equipped with a highly functional Vibram sole that contributes to additional stability and control of the foot during use. The torsional stiffness of the Vibram sole helps to stabilize the midfoot and forefoot in exactly the same way as a hiking boot stabilizes the foot under load and makes the Haga rubber boot a highly functional alternative for those who place high demands on function during longer use and hiking.

Around the foot, Haga is also reinforced with several layers of rubber, the rubber reinforcement contributes to fixing the foot further in the boot. The extra fixation of the foot in combination with the torsion-resistant Vibram sole provides a rubber boot with completely unique stabilizing properties.

The VIBRAM® sole is extra coarse patterned to always provide the best possible grip when used on slippery or wet surfaces. The combination of grip, grip and brake in the sole pattern ensures optimal grip on most surfaces.

Haga is made with a normal last. The midsole in Haga is made with extra shock absorption to give a softer step with heavier loads.
For additional cushioning, Haga has a fixed neoprene sole inside the boot, which contributes to effective pressure relief under load.

Rubber boot Haga is handmade in Europe from natural rubber with unique properties for extra stability of the foot, 100% waterproof and optimal compliance.