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The Adventure Store Stocking +Comp
The Adventure Store Stocking +Comp

The Adventure Store Stocking +Comp

250 kr
Tax included.
Bola +Comp is knitted medicine. A sock that works according to compression technology. This favors blood circulation in the legs, which in turn counteracts swollen legs, fatigue and the risk of cramps. Your performance increases and you get better endurance (higher lactic acid threshold). The LeftRight System provides just the right anatomical fit. A high-tech sock that gives you better results regardless of the type of activity you choose.

All our socks are manufactured with care for materials, details and function. A sock that does not meet your requirements, impairs your performance and experience. We know. We have been making socks since 1939 and are getting really good at it now.

  • 90% Merino wool

  • 5% Polyamide

  • 5% Lycra