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Helag Pro
Helag Pro

Helag Pro

1 500 kr
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Helag Pro is a first-class rubber boot, 100% waterproof with optimal compliance. The inside of the boot is covered with a hard-wearing and durable polyester lining in black. A soft boot in Heracles® natural rubber with a wide range of uses. The boot is suitable for tougher use and many hours in the woods and fields, just as well during hunting and fishing as during long hikes.

Helag Pro's unique construction of soft and supple Heracles® natural rubber, gives minimal feeling of the boot over the foot and lower leg during use and load. The boot shaft is anatomically shaped with a narrower waist around the lower part of the lower leg. The anatomical shape of the boot shaft provides extra good fit and comfort.

Around the foot, Helag Pro is reinforced with an extra layer of rubber, the rubber reinforcement contributes to fixing the foot further in the boot. The extra fixation of the foot in combination with the torsion-resistant sole gives the rubber boot completely unique stabilizing properties.

Helag Pro is equipped with a functional and torsionally rigid sole that contributes to stability and control of the foot during use. The torsional stiffness of the sole helps stabilize the midfoot and forefoot in exactly the same way that a hiking boot stabilizes the foot under load and makes the rubber boot a good option for those who place high demands on function during longer use and hiking.

The sole is extra coarsely patterned to provide the best possible grip when used on slippery or wet surfaces. Adapt the use to the surface, such as on extremely slippery surfaces, when extra caution should be observed.

The boot is made with a bellows on the outside of the boot shaft. The bellows allow for individual adjustment of the legroom and can be easily adjusted using the adjustable buckle on the outside of the boot. The buckle is designed for extremely easy one-handed adjustment.

The footbed (insole) is a shock-absorbing Memory Foam sole with a surface layer in hard-wearing and durable polyester. Memory Foam is a material for the foot to lie comfortably in, which enhances the comfort of the boot.
Also includes an extra thin sole that you can change to if it gets too tight at the ankle or if you want extra space.

When off/on rubber boots are not used for a long time, or are left unprotected in the sun, they can develop a white waxy layer on the outside. This is not caused by a defect in the rubber, these waxes are there to protect your boots from aging and can be easily removed by wiping with a damp cloth.