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Mtn Explore 88 Women's
Mtn Explore 88 Women's

Mtn Explore 88 Women's

3 750 kr
7 500 kr
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Explore more of the mountain. Low weight that makes it easier to get up. Stability and predictability for safety when riding downhill. The MTN EXPLORE 88 women's model features that combination along with a 3D Spaceframe construction and C/FX reinforcement. Go on an adventure.

Downhill performance

C/FX laminate in carbon fiber and linen provides the strength and stability of metal, at a fraction of the weight. It provides a smooth ride in varying terrain and conditions in the wilderness.

Efficient touring skiing

Spaceframe 2.0 means less material in important areas along the entire ski, which reduces the total weight for easier climbs.


Preformed 3D karuba wood core provides excellent contact between ski and snow and less vibration, with less weight.
3D karuba core made entirely of wood Pre-shaped 3D karuba wood core provides stability and control while reducing weight.
Bond strengthening in Ti A titanium insert under the foot, from edge to edge through the entire ski, for maximum power transfer and increased edge grip on hard snow.
C/FX C/FX is a fiber layer in carbon fiber and linen woven together. It combines the strength, stability and light weight of carbon fiber with the excellent shock absorption of line.
Lace in Koroyd Better glide, fewer failures. Super light mesh pattern lace insert with Koroyd and ABS reinforcement.
Skin Clip back Pre-cut slot in the back of the ski provides quick and easy attachment for climbing accessories.