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Phantom 2.0
Phantom 2.0

Phantom 2.0

1 299 kr
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This is a new way to groom/treat your skis.

You need to groom your skis and snowboards regularly to maintain the glide and maintain the surface. Normally, it only takes a few short ski sessions before the surface lacks ridges, and you need to reapply ridges.

The Phantom Base Glide and application kit is a whole new way to treat your skis. You only need to apply Base Glide once - that's it. This means that you only apply Phantom Base Glide once during the lifetime of your skis and snowboards.

Phantom is a one-time permanent base treatment that eliminates the need to groom skis and snowboards, and it also doesn't degrade regardless of snow temperature. The coating can be applied to new or used equipment.

It changes the entire thickness of your pads permanently, making them faster and harder.

Remember to follow the accompanying instructions carefully to create the best glide.