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Racing Liquid With 0C° - -8C° / 80 ml
Racing Liquid With 0C° - -8C° / 80 ml

Racing Liquid With 0C° - -8C° / 80 ml

150 kr
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Long respected for their remarkable grip waxes, Rode has surprised many race day wax technicians with their reformulated non-fluorine glide waxes. The Rode RL series liquid glide waxes in particular have demonstrated race-level speed. Optimum race day performance is in lower humidity conditions whether new or old snow, but the low cost and ease of application make these desirable as everyday glide waxes for your skis. Bottles contain 80 ml of liquid wax, enough to wax at least 20 pairs of skis and sometimes close to twice that many. The bottle is aluminum and recyclable, and it comes with a sponge applicator.

RL Medium is best when the snow temperature is between -2C° and -7C°, humidity 30% or lower
80ml bottle is enough for at least 20 pairs of skis
Fast drying time, often much less than 15 minutes in a warm room
Apply to the ski base with the supplied sponge, let dry and then brush
Completely free of fluorocarbon