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Ski Superguide 88 Ladies
Ski Superguide 88 Ladies

Ski Superguide 88 Ladies

3 000 kr
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The Scott Superguide 88 Women's Top Tour for women are designed to be the perfect choice for experienced riders or advanced riders interested in top tour riding. The core of these skis is made of beech and paulownia - winter core material: %s. Beech wood is a type of wood with a high density that adds durability and stiffness. The radius of this model can vary between 15m and 17m depending on the length of the ski. With a medium radius between 15-18m, you get versatility with good turn initiation and functioning control at high speeds.
  • 80% touring - 20% off-piste
  • These Scott top tour skis with a waist width of 82mm, 84mm, 86mm are optimal for skiing on the piste in all types of conditions