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VP55 Pro Violet -2°C/1°C
VP55 Pro Violet -2°C/1°C

VP55 Pro Violet -2°C/1°C

180 kr
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Fluorine-free dark violet adhesive wax developed for wet, newer snow around zero degrees and older, transformed snow just below freezing.

Fluorine-free adhesive wax.
Good water-repellent properties.
Competition fence
Used at all levels
For new fine-grained snow from 1 °C to -2 °C. Old/partially transformed snow from 0 °C to -5 °C. Dark violet fästwala adapted for wetter, newer snow around zero degrees and older transformed snow just below zero degrees. The pad contains a new additive designed to maximize water repellency. This still provides perfect grip, but improves the feel in the sliding phase. Each layer is applied thinly and then leveled with synthetic cork (T12). The VP ramps are primarily intended for competitive skiers and elite exercisers, but can also be used by recreational skiers who want that little extra for the best possible skiing on their ski trip.

created for
Cross country skis