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Winter C Race Merino
Winter C Race Merino

Winter C Race Merino

1 300 kr
Tax included.
One Color
Very thin, 100% personalizable insoles, designed for slim-fitting boots.


Ski Race Merino insole designed for winter sports, guarantee stability, precision and fatigue prevention. Ideal hybrid top cover: synthetics fibers will guarantee resistance and durability, the merino wool will reduce odor and ensure an optimal thermoregulation.

  • Minimises odors and provides warmth: Merino wool

  • Foot support & stiffness

  • For narrow boots

  • 100% customizable

Custom technology requires the intervention of a professional.

Size guide:

XS = 35-36

S = 37-38

M = 39-41

L = 42-43

XL = 44-45

XXL = 46-48